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By Fadli, with appointed over Badrodin as Assistant is a correct step madePresident of Indonesia Joko Widodo. According to him, Badrodin is a figure thatcould lead Police to the better.


"I see this is a step forward after all this month we had no Assistant. I feel this is a step that is correct, "Fadli said in the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES complex,Tuesday (17/4).


"Badrodin Haiti was a figure that had integrity, kapablitas, and hopefully can bring better Police and move forward," said Fadli added.


Chairman Setya Novanto and PARLIAMENT Deputy Speaker of DPR RI Fadli Zoninto some HOUSE representatives who attended the inaugural General BadrodinHaiti became an Assistant.


Found in the House after the inauguration, Fadli expresses relief after Policefinally have a leader again.
Fadli revealed though active period Badrodin ' just ' staying 15 months but he'sconvinced the new Assistant will be able to bring about change. Due to the important Fadli is the desire to bring about change.


Related conflict with police and corruption eradication Commission which hadhappened, Fadli assume there will not be a problem anymore. For him, Badrodinhad good communication with the KPK.


"The relationship with the KPK I think there will be no problem. Badrodin Haitihad good communication with the KPK, "he said.


"15 months does not matter. How much does lamapun if we want to make changes must be confirmed, "he said.


Badrodin Haiti who previously served as Deputy Assistant (Wakapolri) has been officially appointed to be Assistant based on Presidential Decree No.25/Police/2015


If the people who are now less competent, she continued, then the recruitingneeds to be done again. If it is strong and rated have the ability then members of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES could be renamed Pamdal so PoliceParliament.


Preached before the House of representatives planning the establishment of a parliamentary police (Parlementary Police). Chairman of the Indonesian HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES Kono Roem Households said that Parliament, the establishment of police line up in formation of the modern Parliament. Note,currently the parliamentary complex security is located in the Senayan is managed by the authority of national vital objects, i.e. the Secretariat-General.

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"It's part of security here. Just upgraded its capacity. The procedure remains aswhat. Must be arranged through the HOUSE Ordinance, "said Kono Roem onCapitol, Jakarta, Monday (13/4).


Based on the documents received by the CNN plan Police question Indonesia's Parliament, there have been several proposals for procurement for the realization of its formation.


Some of the proposed equipment pengadaanya is 250 units firearm barrel lengths, 100 short-barreled firearms unit, and 300 units of police baton.


Police Parliament will consist of personnel with 1.194 headed by a high rankingofficer Brigadier General. This one-star General who will lead the parliamentaryPolice Corps units called

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